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Sacuidic: Medieval Weapons

Medieval life was all about wannabe Kings and rebel barons and power-thirsty Popes fighting over who would control that piece of land, no, that one, and that other one too, thank you very much. Well, it was actually about peasants , equally miserable on either side of the contended borders and getting along just fine with their neighbours at the weekly wool market or summer fair and who were instead forced to pick up their pitchforks to disembowel each other. Most of the times without a decent weapon.

The lucky few who had some gold, though, could afford a padded doublet, a piece of armor or even a steel sword, and possibly increase their chances to return to their muddy fields after yet another battle ended.

So if you didn’t have enough after Medieval characters,  Medieval pets  and Medieval parades, here’s another bunch of pics taken in the magical Medieval re-enactment at Forni di Sopra, this time about Medieval weapons.


Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 045Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 046Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 047Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 048Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 051Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 109

And let’s not forget the strongest weapon of all: MAGIC!

At a time in which you would think yourself cursed if the old woman who lived beyond the pines gave you the stink eye, even a stick purposefully pointed at someone else whilst muttering a barely intelligible but threatening-sounding version of your grocery list (you know, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and so forth) could be considered as a powerful weapon.

Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 050