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Sacuidic: Medieval duels and dances.

What’s a Medieval re-enactment without a bit of sword swinging and velvet gown swishing?

Here’s what I managed to capture before dusk darkened into a candle-lit night.


Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 115Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 116Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 117Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 118Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 119Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 120Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 121Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 122


Sacuidic: Medieval Weapons

Medieval life was all about wannabe Kings and rebel barons and power-thirsty Popes fighting over who would control that piece of land, no, that one, and that other one too, thank you very much. Well, it was actually about peasants , equally miserable on either side of the contended borders and getting along just fine with their neighbours at the weekly wool market or summer fair and who were instead forced to pick up their pitchforks to disembowel each other. Most of the times without a decent weapon.

The lucky few who had some gold, though, could afford a padded doublet, a piece of armor or even a steel sword, and possibly increase their chances to return to their muddy fields after yet another battle ended.

So if you didn’t have enough after Medieval characters,  Medieval pets  and Medieval parades, here’s another bunch of pics taken in the magical Medieval re-enactment at Forni di Sopra, this time about Medieval weapons.


Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 045Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 046Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 047Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 048Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 051Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 109

And let’s not forget the strongest weapon of all: MAGIC!

At a time in which you would think yourself cursed if the old woman who lived beyond the pines gave you the stink eye, even a stick purposefully pointed at someone else whilst muttering a barely intelligible but threatening-sounding version of your grocery list (you know, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and so forth) could be considered as a powerful weapon.

Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 050

Sacuidic: Medieval parade

Hello Medieval fanatics! Here’s the latest post in the series of Sacuidic: Medieval tidbits and Medieval whatnots.

A Medieval parade! Because what’s the point of wearing velvet gowns and mantels and doughnut-shaped hats if you cannot strut around in them?


Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 027Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 028Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 029Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 030Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 031Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 032Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 033Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 034Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 035Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 036Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 037Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 038Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 039Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 040Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 041Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 042Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 043

Sacuidic: Medieval Pets

If you loved the Sacuidic: Medieval characters post from yesterday, here’s another snippet of Medieval life: Medieval Pets!

Forget cute kittens, what you need is a cute owl or falcon, am I right?

Also featuring a musical dog.


Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 106Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 107Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 079Forni di Sopra 25JUN2017 084


Sacuidic: Medieval characters.

This is for you, fantasy epic books reader and also for you, LOTR and GOT watcher, and maybe also for all the other people who would love to dress up as their favourite medieval character (archer-sorceress-elf for me, thanks) but don’t have the guts to.



Bright Shiny Morning

James Frey’s Bright Shiny Morning (HarperCollinsPublishers Inc. 2008) was a blast. It’s Jack Kerouac’s‘On The Road meets James Sallis’ Drive meets Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford and it is mostly a book about love.

Love for the city of Los Angeles first and foremost. Every chapter is preceded by a short paragraph on the history of El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula since a group of forty-four men women and children established a settlement there on September 4, 1781. A short paragraph of official, documented history and a longer chapter of unofficial, fictional stories on characters who might or might not be based on real people.

Amberton, an incredibly famous actor and his incredibly beautiful wife who share a secret. Maddie and Dylan, a couple of teenagers who run away from their troubled past in the middle of nowhere in Ohio following the American Dream. A couple of Mexican illegal immigrants who struggled to cross the border so that their baby girl Esperanza could be born on American soil. Esperanza as she grows up pretending to be an illegal immigrant herself in order to get a job cleaning houses and finds love nevertheless. Old Man Joe and his kaleidoscopic group of homeless friends on Venice Beach who attempt to save a teenage girl from a rival gang.

Love and murder and violence and blackmail, all mixed beautifully in syncopated sentences which seem to go on forever as the higways and junctions which crisscross LA. Frey keeps the reader hanging until the very end, you don’t know what will happen to the charachters, you hope they’ll make it but you fear they won’t, you’re afraid to turn the pages and you cannot stop reading.

Recommended reading for whoever loves stories on the American Dream and is not too squeamish.

Croissants and pick-up lines

Saturday night, 9:30pm, end of another shift.

The guy: Tired?

Me: *eye roll*

The guy: Funny, I thought you would be getting changed to go out partying…

Me *thinking when was the last time I actually got changed to go out and party, considering if changing flip-flops to sneakers to walk all the way to Fondamenta della Misericordia for a spritz could qualify as getting changed or going out partying, giving up  altogether, ending up with another eye roll and saying *: Ehem… no?

The guy *undeterred*: Why not?

Me *is this guy hinting at something?*: Because my daughter is waiting for me at home?

The guy *dropping his stare to his phone, tapping away at the screen*

Me: OK, bye, goodnight.

The guy: *tap, tap, tap*

Me: *oh dear, just when you think you’ve reached that stage of life when you don’t need to worry about being treated as dating material or dismissed as undateable… please, not this shit again! – Walks to the now empty canteen – Finds three leftover wholegrain croissants with raspberry jam to be taken home – walks out happy*

Now my MiniCanarian and her dad, who is currently spending some time with us in between his trips in the Alps, will have a nice surprise for breakfast when they wake up.

Besides the even nicer surprise of finding me there, that is.

They don’t know how lucky they are, really, when I choose them every day.

I’m lucky too.